When will goldust retire?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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As of 2010, Goldust is still Wrestling for WWE. He is currently in a feud with Ted Dibiase & Maryse fighting over the Million Dollar Championship

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Q: When will goldust retire?
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When did goldust debut wwf?

The Goldust gimmick debuted in 1995

What is Goldust's real name?

Goldust's real name is Dustin Patrick Runnels.

Is goldust the same as finlay?

no, goldust is the son of dusty Rhodes and john cena isn't

Is Goldust married?

Goldust has been married twice and divorced twice. He is currently engaged.

Is Cody Rhodes related to Goldust?

half brothers Cody Rhodes and Goldust are half brothers.

Is goldust going to return to WWE?

Goldust is still in the WWE however he is out injured right now.

Goldust return to WWE?

goldust currently works backstage as a road agent or as the wwe refers to the producers

Who is the wwe Wrestler Goldust?

Goldust is one of wwe's scariest wrestlers, and honswoggle's tag team partner.bye

Why is goldust divorced?

He isn't

Can you unlock goldust on svr09?


How do you create goldust on Smackdown vs Raw 2009?

plant a goldust seed in your front yard....water daily...

Is goldust dusty Rhodes son?

yes he is he is Cody Rhodes half brother (they have different moms)