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When the apocalypse arrives. D:

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Q: When will 4Kids go out of business?
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What cannel is 4kids?

4kids is channel 48

Where to get free Yu-Gi-Oh episodes from?

youtube go to the 4kids channel

What channel is 4kids TV in Alpena?

Your best bet is to go to the 4kids website and put in Alpena's information in and see what channel it's on. It's usually either on a FOX or CW affiliate.

Will the anime mew mew power ever go back on 4kids tv?


Is there a place where you can watch One Piece for free that has no language if you would rather not have it be 4kids A 4kids link will do if there is no other option?

if you go to hulu, there are a lot of dubbed episodes available. but it has the language. truthfully the language isnt that frequent or harsh as the show goes on. i dont know where to find the 4kids episodes

Does winx club come on weekdays at 4kids?

No, because 4Kids lost the rights to Winx club and Winx club used to come on at the weekends on 4Kids

Did Pharaoh Atem go out with Mana?

No. They are childhood friends, it wasn't confirmed in 4kids or konami if they went out

Does winx club come on 4kids any more?

No, because 4Kids lost the rights

Why winxs club is not 4kids tv?

4kids lost the rights to distribute Winx Club

What did 4kids do to powerpuff girls z?

4Kids did nothing. Ocean Group dubbed the anime.

What time is viva pinata on 4kids?

Sorry, but Viva Pinata is not on TV right now, and 4Kids have not said anything about bringing it back. You can watch it on 4Kids website, though.

What 2channel is Winx club?

Winx club is on Pop and Nickelodeon. If you have 4kids , Rainbow revoked the rights of 4kids.