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McKee Foods, maker of Little Debbie snacks, was founded in 1928. In the 1960s, founders O.D. and Ruth McKee named the snack line after their granddaughter Debbie. The logo was designed to look 8 or 9 years old, although the real Debbie was only 4 at the time.

* US rapper and designer Jordan Capozzi, aka Lil Debbie, was born February 2, 1990.

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The first box of Little Debbie snack cakes were sold in the year 1935, during the events of World War II. A standard box of Little Debbies contained twelve snack cakes and cost fifty cents.

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Q: When were Little Debbie snacks first made?
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All Little Debbie products are made in the USA in the great states of Tennessee, Arkansas and Virginia.

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Where are little Debbie products made now? USA or China? I can not find any information on this, and made in USA is not printed on the packages! Little Debbie is product of McKee Bakery, Collegedale, TN. It is a family owned company. Little Debbie is the granddaughter of the founders. All Little Debbie products are made in the USA in the great states of Tennessee, Arkansas and Virginia.

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