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The music group TLC was formed in Atlanta, Georgia, in the year 1991. They first signed with the company called LaFace Records and released their first album "Ooooooh" in 1992.

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Q: When was the music group TLC formed?
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Who was a popular music group in 1995?


What does TLC stand for?

TLC generally stands for "tender loving care." TLC could also refer to T-Boz, Left Eye, and Chili, the name of the girls in the music group TLC.

When were the music group The Avalanches formed?

The music group The Avalanches was formed in 1997. The group consist of Robbie Charter, Tony Diblasi, and Darren Seltmann. The genre of the group is electronic music.

Is Rihanna is one of the original member of TLC?

No , not if your talking about the popular 90s group tlc . Rihanna was barely out of middle school when they stopped making music.

In what year was the music group Sugarland formed?

The music group Sugarland was formed in the year 2003. They are a country music group and have so far released four studio albums and won a number of awards.

Is Westlife music Christian?

Westlife are an Irish pop group formed in 1998. They are not a Christian music group.

Is TJ Holmes Dating Chandra Thomas?

He is rumored to be dating Rozanda "Chili" Thomas from the music group TLC.

Who formed the music group Caramell?

The music group Caramell is known for its intrepid style. The group was originally formed by singers Katina Lofgren and Malin Sundstorm as well as Jorge Vasco.

Why was the ABBA group formed?

To write and perform music, something the group loved to do.

Was Beyonce ever in TLC?

No, Beyonce was never apart of the group TLC. She was in Destiny's child but never TLC

Is TLC best selling girl group?

TLC are the third best selling girl group of all time. According to record sales, The Spice Girls are the best selling girl group in music history with sales in the region of 66 Million. TLC have sold around 45 Million, behind Destiny's Child (50 Million) and Spice Girls (66 Million) TLC's album CrazySexyCool is the best selling album of all time in the USA by a female group.

Why did the music group TLC break up?

The music group TLC was one of the most popular groups of their time, and it looked like they would continue to be popular for some time to come. Unfortunately, the death of one of their band-mates, Lisa "left eye" Lopes, caused the group to fall apart. Lopes died in a car crash while vacationing in Honduras.

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