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The Kennedy Center is a performing arts theater in Washington, D.C. The Center sits on the bank of the Potomac River and presents a variety of performances each year. Construction on the center was completed in 1971.

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Q: When was the kennedy center built?
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When was the Kennedy Space Center built?

The Kennedy Space Center was built in 1965. The Kennedy space center is located in Merritt Island, Florida.

When was the endeavor the shuttle built?

July 1990 but shipped to the Kennedy space center in may 1991

Which president had the Kennedy center made?

The U.S. Representitave Arthur George Klien from New York had the idea for the Kennedy Center to be built. President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed into law, which gave some momentum for the project.

Is the Kennedy Center in Florida a city?

No the Kennedy Center is not a city,it is a space center.

Who made the bust of Kennedy in the Kennedy center?

he's name was Richard Oswalls he killed President Kennedy in Kennedy Center.

When was Kennedy Center Honors created?

Kennedy Center Honors was created in 1978.

What year was the Kennedy Space Center built?

The Kennedy space center is a space center where they do space stuff and launch and land space shuttles and do a bunch of scientific stuff there and it's in Florida! The Kennedy Space center is NASA's (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) space vehicle launch place and Launch Control Center. It is located on Merritt Island near Cape Canaveral in Florida.

Where is the NASA Kennedy Center?

In Florida - About an hour East of Orlando, FL. John F. Kennedy Space Center Kennedy Space Center, FL 32899

When will Kennedy center honors air?

When will the 2012 kennedy center honors air on television

What is the Kennedy center made out of?

the Kennedy center is made out of hard dough so the person who made the Kennedy center used paint to make it more beautiful and decorative

How old is the Kennedy space center?

The Kennedy Space Center is about 60 years old. YOUR WECOME

When did Kennedy Center Friedheim Award end?

Kennedy Center Friedheim Award ended in 1995.