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The Journey song "Lights" was released in 1978. It was written by Steve Perry and Neal Schon. Although the song is about San Francisco, it was originally intended to be about Los Angeles and was written in LA.

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Q: When was the Journey song Lights recorded?
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Who recorded the song open arms?

Journey in early 1982

What is the name of the song by Journey that has the words street lights in it?

the song is called "don't stop believin'"

What is the name of the song that goes the light go down in the city?

Lights by Journey.

First metallica song recorded on a stidio?

I think that was Hit the Lights

When was metallicas first song made?

Metallica recorded their song "Hit the Lights" in early 1982. This song was for the Metal Massacre I compilation.

When was lights by journey made?

Lights by Journey was released in 1978.

How can you sing for the SF Giants?

Lights by Journey is a song the giants use a lot during games and was the main song for them during the 2010 World Series

What recorded song did Kurt Cobain play drums?

Seasons in the Sun, it was a cover, it was on Nirvana's With The Lights Out dvd.

What year did Journey release single Lights?

Journey released "Lights" as a single in 1978.

When was The Journey - Boston song - created?

The Journey - Boston song - was created in 1978.

When was Lady Luck - Journey song - created?

Lady Luck - Journey song - was created in 1999.

In what year was the song Only the Young by Journey released?

Wikipedia reports that the song Only the Young by the rock group Journey was recorded for the album Frontiers in 1983, but was replaced by two other songs. Only the Young was eventually released as a single in 1985 and appeared on the soundtrack to the film Vision Quest.