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It is said that it was written on 30 January 1912.

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Q: When was it's a long way to tipperary made?
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The world war 2 song was a long way to...?

Its a long way to Tipperary.

Where can you find brush shiels singing long way to tipperary?

nowhere that i know of

It's a long way to which Irish city?

not to an Irish city but to Tipperary which is a County and town of the same name. Tipperary is located in the province of Munster in the south of the Republic of Ireland

What is the post code of Tipperary town?

Ireland does not have postal codes. You would finish an address to there in this way: Tipperary town, Co. Tipperary Ireland.

When to use apostrphe s?

1. To show possession. "This is Fred's cup of coffee" means this is the cup of coffee that belongs to Fred. 2. To replace "is" in contractions. "It's a long way to Tipperary" is the same as "It is a long way to Tipperary." 3. Although it is not universal, some people use the apostrophe in the plural of letters and numbers. "How many P's are in 'Tipperary'?" "I worked in Oakland in the 1990's."

What TV show ended with a group hug and the song It's a Long Way to Tipperary?

Mary Tyler Moore Show

Is there a cinema in Tipperary?

Tipperary town and county has cinemas. There is the Tipperary Excel in Tipperary town, the IMC in Thurles, the Omniplex in Clonmel and others.

What is tipperary?

tIPPERARY IS CALLED THE premier county. this is possivly because the land is good in south tipperary.

How long did Eoin Kelly play minor hurling for Tipperary?

2 years

What is the population of North Tipperary?

The population of North Tipperary is approximately 70,322 people.

Where is tipperary property located?

Tipperary is a town in South Tipperary County in the province of Munster in the south of Ireland. It is located on the N24 route between the cities of Limerick and Watford.