When was felt first used?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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19,ooo bc

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Q: When was felt first used?
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What do contact lenses feel like?

they dont hurt at all if used correctly when i first put them on it felt werid but i got used to it

Who was the first person to make felt?

the first person beleived to make felt was , george focker

How did the creature feel when he first felt life?

felt dizzy

What country was felt first made in?

Felt remains from 700 BC were found in Siberia.

How does the European felt about native at first?

European felt that the Native American are not caring about their stuff

Why is felt used?

felt is mainly used because it's soft, it's the perfect fabric to make teddys or hats and scarves

How does felt feel?

Felt feels like felt. Once you've felt felt, the feeling of felt will make you feel like you've felt something special. Fuzzy Felt was a toy available when I was a kid.......a felt sheet onto which you would place felt shapes.................animals, cars, trees, people etc. Like a little felt picture board.........the felt cut-outs would stick to the felt and if you were careful, you could hold the sheet of felt at 90 degrees to the table and the felt figures would stay on it. Felt is a very compact material which used to be used to make hats of various shapes. It is the material equivalent of papier mache.

What is friction felt as?

first vibration then heat

When were railroads first invented?

when they felt like it

How was felt first made?


When as fabric felt first made by whom?

Felted fabric was first rumored to have been made in Sumeria. However, the Egyptians were known to produce felt.

Is felt an action verb?

Felt is the past tense of feel, which can be used as an action verb or a linking verb. Action: She felt all the fabrics in the store. Linking: I felt sick yesterday.