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Zhuangzi Tests His Wife was created in 1913.

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Q: When was Zhuangzi Tests His Wife created?
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When did Zhuangzi die?

Zhuangzi died in -286.

When was Zhuangzi born?

Zhuangzi, a Chinese philosopher, is believed to have been born around the 4th century BCE during the Warring States period. His exact birth date is not known.

Was Zhuangzi was a leading Confucian writer?


When was Screen Tests created?

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Which of these are most closely associated with Taoism?

Lao-zi and Zhuangzi

What actors and actresses appeared in Zhuangzi shi qi - 1913?

The cast of Zhuangzi shi qi - 1913 includes: Beihai Li as Chuang Tze Shanshan Yan as Servant Girl

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Five economic tests was created in 1997.

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What has the author Xuanmo written?

Xuanmo. has written: 'Zhuangzi de zhi hui'

What has the author Deqing written?

Deqing has written: 'Zhuangzi nei pian zhu'

What has the author Weimin Zhao written?

Weimin Zhao has written: 'Zhuangzi de dao (Bi jiao yan jiu cong kan)' 'Huo tian shi' 'Zhuangzi de dao' 'Laozi de dao'