When was Zet Molas born?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Zet Molas was born in 1896.

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Q: When was Zet Molas born?
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When did Zet Molas die?

Zet Molas died in 1956.

What is the birth name of Zet Molas?

Zet Molas's birth name is Zdena Smolov.

When was Felipe Molas López born?

Felipe Molas López was born in 1901.

When was Isidre Molas i Batllori born?

Isidre Molas i Batllori was born on 1940-10-12.

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When did Felipe Molas López die?

Felipe Molas López died on 1954-11-03.

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It is a Panamanian art that is much like a blanket. Clarification: Actually, molas are works of art created by women in Panama; Cuna Molas are created by women of the Cuna (or Kuna) tribe. Molas are stitched and use reverse-applique, where fabric is cut away to reveal another layer of fabric.