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Withering Tights was created on 2005-10-01.

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Q: When was Withering Tights created?
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What is the ISBN of Withering Tights?

The ISBN of Withering Tights is 978-0007156825.

What is the genre ofn the book withering tights?

Withering tights is a comedy and teen book, I highly recommend it!

What is the name of the family in withering tights?


When is the second edition of withering tights?

9th June 2011.

Is there another withering tights coming?

it is just out so hopefully there will be another one

When was Withering to Death. created?

Withering to Death. was created on 2005-03-09.

When will the next tallulah casey book come out?

The first Tallulah Casey book is Withering Tights, the second one is A Midsummer Tights Dream, and the next one will be coming out February 2013

What page of withering tights would you read aloud to make people interested?

what about when she has her first kiss? but i am not sure it is a tough question

When was Black Tights created?

Black Tights was created in 1961.

Is there another book after Withering Tights?

The book has only just been released, I think Louise Rennison is writing a sequel to the book so fingers crossed! yes there is its called midsummers tights dream its the 2nd book :p

When was The Girl in Pink Tights created?

The Girl in Pink Tights was created in 1954.

When was Mother Wore Tights created?

Mother Wore Tights was created in 1947.