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Willy den Ouden was born in 1918.

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Willem den Toom was born in 1911.

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Willem was born July 22, 1955.

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Q: When was Willy den Ouden born?
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When did Willy den Ouden die?

Willy den Ouden died in 1997.

What nicknames did Willemijntje den Ouden go by?

Willemijntje den Ouden went by Willy.

When was Geert den Ouden born?

Geert den Ouden was born on 1976-07-24.

When was Willemijntje den Ouden born?

Willemijntje den Ouden was born on January 1, 1918, in Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands.

When did Willemijntje den Ouden die?

Willemijntje den Ouden died on December 6, 1997, in Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands.

Who is jules verne hero?

joshua den ouden

What has the author H Ph L den Ouden written?

H. Ph. L. den Ouden has written: 'The use of an electrical analogue for studying the ventilation of buildings'

What has the author P den Ouden written?

P. den Ouden has written: 'Manual of cultivated conifers hardy in the cold- and warm-temperate zone' -- subject(s): Conifers 'Manual of cultivated conifers' -- subject(s): Conifers, Ornamental conifers, Varieties

What does den mean in Dutch?

Den has different meanings. Used in names like Den Boschor Den Haag it mean "of the". Used in sentences like Den ouden heer, it mean "the". The word is now no longer in use. Den could also mean a fir tree or spruce

What has the author Willy Burger written?

Willy Burger has written: 'Die Malerei in den Niederlanden 1400-1550'

What has the author Willy Reunert written?

Willy Reunert has written: 'Den bitre vej' -- subject(s): Abortion

When was Willy Burmester born?

Willy Burmester was born in 1869.