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Artist Virginia Buika known at present as Virginia Bright was born in 1986 in Madrid

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Q: When was Virginia Buika born?
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When was Buika born?

Buika was born on May 11, 1972, in Palma, Balearic Islands, Spain.

What is the birth name of Buika?

Buika's birth name is Mara Concepcin Balboa Buika.

When was Buika - album - created?

Buika - album - was created in 2005.

Which album by Concha Buika was nominated for a Grammy?

The album "Nina de Fuego", by Spanish singer Concha Buika, was nominated in 2008 for a Latin Grammy Award. The category for this award was Album of the Year. It is the only nomination Concha Buika has received to date.

What movie and television projects has Virginia Bright been in?

Virginia Bright has: Played Virginia Buika playes cantante corista in "Lo que necesitas es amor" in 1993. Played Teresa Roques (1996) in "La otra familia" in 1996. Played Maria in "Menudo es mi padre" in 1996. Played Eulalia in "Pesadilla para un rico" in 1996. Played Diamantina in "Manos a la obra" in 1997. Played herself in "Hermanas" in 1998. Played Virginia Buika in "Hermanas" in 1998. Performed in "El comisario" in 1999. Played Nurse in "Second Nature" in 2003. Performed in "700 euros" in 2008. Played Susan in "Warzone" in 2013. Performed in "Presentation" in 2013.

When was Virginia Kravarioti born?

Virginia Kravarioti was born in 1984.

When was Virginia Giorgi born?

Virginia Giorgi was born in 1914.

When was Virginia Harned born?

Virginia Harned was born in 1872.

When was Virginia Tanner born?

Virginia Tanner was born in 1915.

When was Virginia Bauer born?

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Virginia DeMarce was born in 1940.

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