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Vicente Solano Lima was born on 1901-09-21.

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Q: When was Vicente Solano Lima born?
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When did Vicente Solano Lima die?

Vicente Solano Lima died on 1984-04-23.

When was Vicente de Lima born?

Vicente de Lima was born on 1977-06-04.

When was José Vicente Faria Lima born?

José Vicente Faria Lima was born on 1909-10-07.

When was Grecia Solano born?

Grecia Solano was born on August 6, 1987, in Lima, Peru.

What has the author Alfredo Masi written?

Alfredo Masi has written: 'Vicente Solano Lima' -- subject(s): Politics and government

When did José Vicente Faria Lima die?

José Vicente Faria Lima died on 1969-09-04.

When was Julio Solano born?

Julio Solano was born in 1960.

When was Rafael Solano born?

Rafael Solano was born in 1931.

When was Wilebaldo Solano born?

Wilebaldo Solano was born in 1916.

When was Gerardo Solano born?

Gerardo Solano was born in 1954.

When was Vincent Solano born?

Vincent Solano was born in 1923.

When was Joaquín Solano born?

Joaquín Solano was born in 1913.