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The Young Philadelphians was created on 1959-05-30.

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Q: When was The Young Philadelphians created?
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What is the duration of The Young Philadelphians?

The duration of The Young Philadelphians is 2.27 hours.

When was Philadelphians created?

Philadelphians was created in 1670.

Who starred in the 1959 movie The Young Philadelphians?

Paul Newman, Barbara Rush and Alexis Smith

What are the ratings and certificates for The Young Philadelphians - 1959?

The Young Philadelphians - 1959 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:PG Canada:14A (video rating) Finland:K-16 Sweden:15 UK:A UK:PG (video: 1995) USA:Approved (PCA #19198) West Germany:16

Who were the first philadelphians?


What are the people of Philadelphia known as?


How do you think Philadelphians who attended the tragical exhibition felt about the king's execution?

i think the philadelphians who attended the "tragical exhibition" felt disappointed.because there was not a single paragraph in the papers to shame them from it.

18th century philadelphians actually paid to watch what?

painful surgeries

What does 'domunym' mean?

For example: Philadelphians, Rhode Islanders, Hoosiers, Cantabridgians.

When was Young Billy Young created?

Young Billy Young was created in 1969.

When was Young You created?

Young You was created in 1986.

When was When We Were Young created?

When We Were Young was created in 2000.