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The Handshake was created in 2007.

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Q: When was The Handshake created?
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When was The Guatemalan Handshake created?

The Guatemalan Handshake was created in 2006.

When was Sweaty Handshake created?

Sweaty Handshake was created in 1995-01.

When was A Secret Handshake created?

A Secret Handshake was created on 2007-05-01.

When was The Neon Handshake created?

The Neon Handshake was created on 2003-03-11.

When was The Sterkarm Handshake created?

The Sterkarm Handshake was created on 1998-10-16.

What is the parent trap handshake?

a handshake

What is ffa handshake?

there is not an official ffa handshake

What is past tense of handshake?

"Handshake" is a noun, it doesn't have a past tense.

Kinds of handshake?

handshake are a informal greeting used by everyone.

What is a taco handshake?

A taco handshake is the act of female masturbation.

How many pages does The Sterkarm Handshake have?

The Sterkarm Handshake has 386 pages.

What is the duration of The Guatemalan Handshake?

The duration of The Guatemalan Handshake is 2160.0 seconds.