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The Centaurs was created in 1921.

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The Centaur was created in 1963.

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Q: When was The Centaurs created?
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When was New York Centaurs created?

New York Centaurs was created in 1994.

Was there centaurs in Greek mythology?

Yes. Centaurs were created by the greeks (mythologically)

Who created the centaurs?

the myth was created in a small country called Macedonia. outside of Greece

Do centaurs have a Roman name?

No. Centaurs do not have a Roman name.... The Roman and the Greek name is the same, Centaurs.

What language do centaurs speak?

Centaurs are creatures of Greek mythology.

Can you play as the centaurs in Warcraft 3?

On Warcraft 3 you cannot be the centaurs in the mission but you only can play as the centaurs in the custom map.

How did centaurs terrorise people?

There were a great many ways in which centaurs have terrorized people. These centaurs would chase people with bows and arrows for example.

How were centaurs and nymphs dangerous?

Centaurs could be wild and violent, nymphs usually not.

What is the purpose of the frieze of lapith fighting a centaur?

The answer is because the maids gave the centaurs wine which made the centaurs wild and the frieze of lapith attacked the centaurs because their tried to rape and kidnap the women and the leader of the centaurs tried to kidnap the bride of the wedding and the leader of the lapith tried to kill the leader of the centaurs.

Are centaurs in The Bible?

A:No. Giants and chaos monsters (Behemoth, Leviathan) are in the Bible, but not centaurs.

Are centaurs immortal?

No they are not

What was Michelangelo's first sculpture and when did he make it?

Battle of the Centaurs was the first scultpture Michelangelo made. He created it around 1492.

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