When was The Calzone created?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The Calzone was created on 1996-04-25.

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Q: When was The Calzone created?
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Is a calzone fried or baked?

A calzone is baked, NOT fried

How do you say calzone in french?

Calzone also, BTW it's an italian word!

How can you use calzone in a sentence?

Example sentence - We each ordered a calzone and a drink for dinner.

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How many calories are in a calzone?

The amount of calories in a calzone would depend on what toppings you had put in it. You can have a variety of pizza toppings added to your calzone and that would change the calorie content.

Who was Sylvester Calzone?

Sylvester Calzone is an actor in the OddParents world, who is an obvious parody of Sylvester Stallone.

I always order calzones when I am at my favorite restaurant. Is there such a thing as a calzone maker that I can use at home?

Yes there is a home version of a Calzone maker - there are a number of retailers here are two and

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Who made the calzone?

Shane Keith

What actors and actresses appeared in Calzone - 2009?

The cast of Calzone - 2009 includes: Fanny Deblock Vincent Dos Reis Arnaud Pfeiffer

Do calzone contain gluten?

Yes, in the crust.

Where can I find a home calzone maker machine online?

You might try,,,, and for calzone molds/presses.