When was The Acolyte created?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The Acolyte was created in 1942.

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Q: When was The Acolyte created?
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When was The Acolyte - novel - created?

The Acolyte - novel - was created in 1972.

When was Voyage of the Acolyte created?

Voyage of the Acolyte was created in 1975-10.

When did The Acolyte end?

The Acolyte ended in 1946.

When did Operation Acolyte happen?

Operation Acolyte happened in 2006.

In the Christian Church who is the person who assists a priest?

Acolyte or deacon or altar server

What is name of nemo's acolyte green turtle?

Nemo's acolyte green turtle is named Squirt.

What is the definition of acolyte?

An acolyte is a person who assists in religious services or ceremonies, typically in Christian churches. They may help with lighting candles, carrying a cross, or performing other duties during worship. Acolytes are often young people who are training to become more involved in the church.

Who is the CEO of Gatorade?

Jim Jones Acolyte

What is a disciple of a religious leader called?

An acolyte .

How do you become an acolyte in AQ Worlds?


What actors and actresses appeared in The Witching - 1993?

The cast of The Witching - 1993 includes: Tony Abotte as Beast Auggi Alvarez as Stewart Goodman Carol Barta as Gramma Frank Dunlay as Mr. Flopchek Mike Hellman as Morris Cheryl Metz as Demonic Acolyte Veronica Orr as Morgana of Oberon Dana Pace as Dixie Todd Sheets as Demonic Acolyte Paul Van Dan Elzen as Demonic Acolyte Alan Watkins as Demonic Acolyte

What are some examples of acolytes?

It depends on what you mean by "acolyte". The term can refer to any number of things. The main meaning refers to a person who performs ceremonial duties within many of the Christian denominations. There duties can include things like lighting the altar candles. In other Christian Churches the term Acolyte is used specifically for those who wish to attain cleryhood. These are the two main examples of acolytes. However the term acolyte can also refer to any devoted follower or attendant. It is also the name of several publishers, such as Acolyte, Inc (an Indonesian manga publisher) and Acolyte Press (a defunct publisher). Acolyte is also the name of a team of mutant supervillains in the X-Men comics, published by Marvel Comics. Examples of the original group of mutants are: Magneto Anne-Marie Cortez Fabian Cortez Chrome Marco Delgado Winters