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Ten Thousand Fists - song - was created in 2005-01.

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Q: When was Ten Thousand Fists - song - created?
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When was Ten Thousand Fists created?

Ten Thousand Fists was created on -20-04-01.

What is the fist song of disturbed?

ten thousand fists

What is the chorus for the song 'Ten Thousand Fists' by Disturbed?

The chorus to the song "Ten Thousand Fists" by the rock band Disturbed goes : People can no longer cover their eyes If this disturbs you, then walk away You will remember the night you were struck by the sight of ten thousand fists in the air

Disturbed's song Just Stop was on which Album?

ten thousand fists

When was Ten Thousand Angels - song - created?

Ten Thousand Angels - song - was created on 1996-01-22.

What are the names of every album disturbed have made?

The Sickness (2001) "Down With the Sickness" was the cover song. Believe (2003) "Believe" was the cover song, but "Prayer" was first track. Ten Thousand Fists (2005) "Ten thousand Fists" was the title track, and contains the remake of the original Genesis song "Land of Confusion". Indestructible(2008) Indestructible is the title track.

Where can one go to see Ten Thousand Fists?

If someone wanted to see Ten Thousand Fists there are a variety of places where someone can do so. Some of these places are Last FM, Youtube and Disturbed 1.

What songs are on Disturbed's Ten Thousand Fists?

"Ten Thousand Fists""Just Stop""Guarded""Deify""Stricken""I'm Alive""Sons of Plunder""Overburdened""Decadence""Forgiven""Land of Confusion""Sacred Lie""Pain Redefined""Avarice"

When was Ten Thousand Bars created?

Ten Thousand Bars was created in 2006.

When was Martyrdom of the Ten Thousand created?

Martyrdom of the Ten Thousand was created in 1508.

When was Ten Thousand Lightyears created?

Ten Thousand Lightyears was created in 1982.

When was Ten Thousand Villages created?

Ten Thousand Villages was created in 1946.