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Sven Magnus Aurivillius was born in 1892.

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Q: When was Sven Magnus Aurivillius born?
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When did Sven Magnus Aurivillius die?

Sven Magnus Aurivillius died in 1928.

When was Per Olof Christopher Aurivillius born?

Per Olof Christopher Aurivillius was born in 1843.

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When did Per Olof Christopher Aurivillius die?

Per Olof Christopher Aurivillius died in 1928.

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When was Sven Markelius born?

Sven Markelius was born in 1889.

When was Sven Utterström born?

Sven Utterström was born in 1901.

When was Sven Pieters born?

Sven Pieters was born in 1976.

When was Sven Coster born?

Sven Coster was born in 1978.

When was Sven Nylund born?

Sven Nylund was born in 1894.

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