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Suzanne Le Mignot was born in 1970.

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Q: When was Suzanne Le Mignot born?
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When was Paul Mignot born?

Paul Mignot was born in 1980.

When was Suzanne Le Bret born?

Suzanne Le Bret was born on February 28, 1889, in Le Havre, Seine-Maritime, France.

When was Aimé Mignot born?

Aimé Mignot was born on 1932-12-03.

When was Claudine Françoise Mignot born?

Claudine Françoise Mignot was born in 1617.

When was Jean-Pascal Mignot born?

Jean-Pascal Mignot was born on 1981-02-26.

When was Étienne Mignot de Montigny born?

Étienne Mignot de Montigny was born in 1714.

What is the birth name of Suzanne Le Bret?

Suzanne Le Bret's birth name is Suzanne Eugnie Augustine Lebret.

When was Suzanne Flon born?

Suzanne Flon was born on January 28, 1918, in Le Kremlin-Bictre, Seine [now Val-de-Marne], France.

What has the author Alain Mignot written?

Alain Mignot has written: 'La terre et le pouvoir chez les Guin du Sud-Est du Togo' -- subject(s): Gouin (African people) 'Le droit de la famille au Togo' -- subject(s): Domestic relations

When did Claudine Françoise Mignot die?

Claudine Françoise Mignot died in 1711.

When was Mignot Memorial Hospital created?

Mignot Memorial Hospital was created in 2008.

What is the population of La Vendue-Mignot?

La Vendue-Mignot's population is 243.