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SunSetter Awnings was created in 1988.

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Q: When was SunSetter Awnings created?
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What does the company SunSetter Awnings manufacture?

The company SunSetter Awnings is known for manufacturing awnings, as their name implies. They offer several different types of models and also sell many accessories for the awnings.

Where is Sunsetter Awnings based?

Sunsetter Awnings is based in Malden, Massachusetts. The company has several authorized dealers throughout the United States, but their factory warehouse is in Massachussets .

What types of products are available from SunSetter Awnings?

SunSetter Awnings offers retractable awnings in a variety of sizes and colors to provide shade and protection for outdoor areas such as patios, decks, and windows. They also offer accessories like wind sensors and lights to enhance the functionality of the awnings.

What companies sell retractable awnings online?

SunSetter, Awntech, Sunbrella (must buy through local dealers and not online), and ERS Shading are all popular makers that sell retractable awnings. Costco also has them available. These are both manual and electronic models, with a wide variety of colors, sizes, and styles.

Who makes awnings to install over back porches?

There are several brands that make and sell awnings to install over back porches. Sunsetter, Eclipse Awning Systems, and Shade Tree are examples.

Where can someone purchase motorized awnings?

Motorized awnings can be purchased through the SunSetter website, at wholesale retailers such as Costco and Sam's Club, as well as through internet sites like Amazon and eBay.

What are the prices for Sunsetter retractable awnings?

Awnings range in prices from 800 to 900 that are not retractable. Most retractable awnings are 1000 or more to buy. They are becoming more popular and being offered at several stores, so you would want to shop around.

What is the best brand for a patio canopy?

There are several brands of patio canopies. However, in my opinion, the best brand for a patio canopy is SunSetter Awnings. This brand is beautiful unique, and present a classical style and touch of excellence.

Where can one buy motorized retractable awnings?

Forget the strain and stress of operating antiquated lever and crank systems. Motorization unlocks a simpler way of life for homeowners wanting to install convenient outdoor awnings. At Paul Construction and Awning, we have spent 25 years erecting and repairing these modern shade solutions. Over that time, we’ve learned there’s only one real option for homeowners searching for a sleek and sophisticated motorized awning for decks around Montgomery County PA.

Where can one buy an awning for one's home?

If you living around Montgomery County, PA, we have the best options for you to order the best quality retractable awnings. At Paul Construction & Awning, We carry Sunesta’s retractable awnings in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and colors. Our pros can help you find the perfect design to complement your outdoor entertainment area and landscape. These awnings feature extended warranties, giving our customers peace of mind.

Who is the chick in the sunsetter commercial?

Tina Webster?

Where do you get epoxy paint for vinyl awnings?

From a company that makes vinyl awnings.