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Stella Angelova was born in Bulgaria.

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Q: When was Stella Angelova born?
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How tall is Stella Angelova?

Stella Angelova is 5' 8".

When was Boyanka Angelova born?

Boyanka Angelova was born in 1994.

When was Atanaska Angelova born?

Atanaska Angelova was born in 1972.

When was Božena Angelova born?

Božena Angelova was born in 1981.

When was Anna Angelova born?

Anna Angelova was born on 1971-01-09.

When was Iskra Angelova born?

Iskra Angelova was born on February 10, 1973, in Sofia, Bulgaria.

How tall is Iskra Angelova?

Iskra Angelova is 170 cm.

What has the author Dia Angelova written?

Dia Angelova has written: 'Dialeksika'

Is it true that boyanka angelova is Nadia Comanici's grandchild?

NO Nadia Comanici is Romanian and Boyanka Angelova is Bulgarian.

When was Stella Hoban born?

Stella Stevens was born on October 1, 1938

When was Stella Weaver born?

Stella Weaver was born in 1856.

When was Stella Levy born?

Stella Levy was born in 1924.