When was Sira Stampe born?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Sira Stampe was born on June 12, 1977.

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Q: When was Sira Stampe born?
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What actors and actresses appeared in Julegrisen - 2010?

The cast of Julegrisen - 2010 includes: Sira Stampe as Mother

What movie and television projects has Sira Stampe been in?

Sira Stampe has: Played Silke in "Hjem til fem" in 1995. Played Eva in "Hideous Kinky" in 1998. Played Producer in "Forbrydelsen" in 2007. Played Monella in "No Right Turn" in 2009. Played Mother in "Julegrisen" in 2010. Played Monika in "Heavy Heads" in 2010.

When was Will Stampe born?

Will Stampe was born on October 7, 1920, in London, England, UK.

When was Zenia Stampe born?

Zenia Stampe was born on March 30, 1979, in Denmark.

What actors and actresses appeared in Heavy Heads - 2010?

The cast of Heavy Heads - 2010 includes: Martin Juel Dirkov as Piotr Sira Stampe as Monika

When was Aslak Sira Myhre born?

Aslak Sira Myhre was born in 1973.

When was Friedrich Franz Stampe born?

Friedrich Franz Stampe was born on April 10, 1897, in Magdeburg, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany.

When was Sira Jokinen Lisse born?

Sira Jokinen Lisse was born on September 9, 1968, in Raahe, Finland.

What is the birth name of Will Stampe?

Will Stampe's birth name is Bernard Stampe.

When did Will Stampe die?

Will Stampe died in 1981, in Hertfordshire, England, UK.

What has the author Holger Mellerup written?

Holger Mellerup has written: 'Stumme Stampe' 'Stille Stampe'

What is the birth name of Sira Jokinen Lisse?

Sira Jokinen Lisse's birth name is Sira Jokinen.