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Sing the Word Hope in Four-Part Harmony was created in 2009-06.

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Q: When was Sing the Word Hope in Four-Part Harmony created?
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When was Sing For Hope created?

Sing For Hope was created in 2003.

What is the zulu translation for the word harmony?

As in, to sing in harmony? not to live in harmony

Who wrote I'd like to teach the world to sing?

I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing - in Perfect Harmony - was created in 1971.

Dick Curless lyric who'll sing harmony now that don is gone?

The song was done by Hal Wayne and called Who will sing the harmony 1974

When all the singers sing the tune or melody this is known as a?


When was Sing Sing Sing - album - created?

Sing Sing Sing - album - was created in 1992-11.

When was Dear Sing Sing created?

Dear Sing Sing was created in 1903.

How can you sing in harmony with your cousin if you are a first soprano and she is an alto?

If your alto cousin sings her part a fifth lower, at appropriate intervals, you will be singing harmony.

How do you call it when 3 or 4 men sing with different voices?

You call it harmony.

How do you sing harmony?

Learn basic scales before attempting to sing harmony. Learn the lead part so that you can learn the harmony easier. Try playing the harmony on an instrument such as the piano to help you hear the notes you will be singing. Play or sing the scale of the harmony to accompany the melody before attempting to sing the notes out of scale order Listen to a teacher or knowledgeable person who knows the harmony of a particular piece. Train your ear to recognise the melody and the notes that compliment the main theme. Train your ear to hear dissonance and resonance within the music. When a note is sung correctly in harmony, there will be a vibration that accompanies the sound. Note that if it sounds right it most likely is right; discord in harmony is fairly easy to detect once the ear is trained. Attempt to sing the same notes as the lead part and then sing the notes in the chord above or below the lead part. Know that the baritone part is typically the most difficult and often has a strange succession of chords that will not sound like a tune in its own right.

When was Sing Children Sing created?

Sing Children Sing was created in 1971-06.

When was Sing Brother Sing created?

Sing Brother Sing was created in 1970-06.