When was Scottrade created?

Updated: 8/29/2023
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Scotiabank was created in 1832.

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Scottrade was created in 1980.

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Q: When was Scottrade created?
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When was Scottrade Center created?

Scottrade Center was created in 1994.

Is scottrade public?

No, Scottrade is a private company.

What is the population of Scottrade?

The population of Scottrade is 3,300.

What is Scottrade's population?

Scottrade's population is 2,010.

In what city is Scottrade Mobile located?

Scottrade Mobile is a mobile app released by the Scottrade company. Scottrade is headquartered in Town and Country, Missouri. They are a brokerage firm.

Is Scottrade traded on the NYSE?

No, Scottrade is a private company.

Is Scottrade publicly traded?

Scottrade is a private company and therefore is not publically traded.

What is the minimum to open an account with Scottrade?

$500 is the minimum to establish an account with Scottrade.

What is Scottrade's symbol for Extorre Gold Mines Ltd?

EXGMF is the symbol used by Scottrade.

Scottrade 3 free trades?

Check out the related link below for free Scottrade trades.

What is exactly scottrade locations?

There are a lot of locations for scottrade in the United States. The state with the most locations for scottrade is California with 77 locations. Wyoming and North Dakota do not have any locations.

If you open a Scottrade account and then move overseas does Scottrade close your account?

Scottrade requires that you have a permanent address in the US. If they were to find out that you were no longer living in the US they would indeed close the account.