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Q: When was Scott Martin Haggard born?
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How old is Merle Haggard's son Scott Martin Haggard?


When was John Scott Martin born?

John Scott Martin was born on April 1, 1926.

When was William Martin Scott born?

William Martin Scott was born on 1870-03-27.

Who s Scott Haggards mother?

Scott Haggard’s mother is Leona Williams, who is a country music singer and songwriter. She was married to Merle Haggard, Scott’s father, from 1978 to 1983.

When was Scott Martin Brooks born?

Scott Martin Brooks was born on April 6, 1972, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

What is John Scott Martin's birthday?

John Scott Martin was born on April 1, 1926.

Who are the members of Merle Haggard band?

Scott Joss, fiddle Ben Haggard, lead guitar Theresa Haggard, back-up vocals

When was Vernon Haggard born?

Vernon Haggard was born in 1874.

When was John Haggard born?

John Haggard was born in 1793.

When was Mark Haggard born?

Mark Haggard was born in 1825.

When was Chris Haggard born?

Chris Haggard was born in 1971.

When was William Haggard born?

William Haggard was born in 1907.