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Sadri Gjonbalaj was born on 1969-01-28.

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Q: When was Sadri Gjonbalaj born?
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When was Sadri Alışık born?

Sadri Alışık was born in 1925.

When was Sadri Khiari born?

Sadri Khiari was born in 1958.

How tall is Afrim Gjonbalaj?

Afrim Gjonbalaj is 6' 3".

When was John Sadri born?

John Sadri was born on 1956-09-19.

When was Mohammad Sadri born?

Mohammad Sadri was born on 1963-09-08.

When was Sadri Maksudi Arsal born?

Sadri Maksudi Arsal was born in 1878.

When was Sadri Karan born?

Sadri Karan was born on August 16, 1910, in Nicosia, Cyprus.

What is the birth name of Jordan Sadri?

Jordan Sadri's birth name is Jordan Frederick Sadri.

What is Sadri's population?

The population of Sadri is 27,393.

What is Chhoti Sadri's population?

Chhoti Sadri's population is 16,602.

When did Sadri Alışık die?

Sadri Alışık died in 1995.

What is Bari Sadri's population?

Bari Sadri's population is 15,001.