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Bob is gay and I don't think he is married.

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Q: When was Robert D San Souci born?
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How do you pronounce Robert d san souci's name?

Robert d San Souci's name is pronounced "San-soo-see." The last name, "San Souci," is pronounced as "San-soo-see," with an emphasis on the second syllable.

Is sootface a book?

it is a book writted by Robert D. Sans Souci

What is the summary of otoonah by Robert D San Souci?

"Otoonah" by Robert D. San Souci is a folktale about a young Inuit girl named Otoonah who saves her village from a fearsome giant by outsmarting him with her quick wit and bravery. With the help of her magical red mittens, Otoonah devises a clever plan that ultimately leads to the defeat of the giant and the safety of her people. The story celebrates courage, resourcefulness, and the power of teamwork in overcoming challenges.

Who won the award for the book the talking eggs?

The book "The Talking Eggs" by Robert D. San Souci won the Caldecott Honor award, which is awarded for distinguished illustrations in children's literature.

When was Robert D. Levin born?

Robert D. Levin was born in 1947.

When was Robert D. Arnott born?

Robert D. Arnott was born in 1954.

When was Robert D. Nesen born?

Robert D. Nesen was born in 1918.

When was Robert D. Yates born?

Robert D. Yates was born in 1857.

When was Robert D. Kohn born?

Robert D. Kohn was born in 1870.

When was Robert D. Raiford born?

Robert D. Raiford was born in 1927.

When was Robert D. Richardson born?

Robert D. Richardson was born in 1934.

When was Robert D. Crane born?

Robert D. Crane was born in 1929.