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Plato von Ustinov was born in 1840.

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Q: When was Plato von Ustinov born?
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When did Plato von Ustinov die?

Plato von Ustinov, the Russian economist and journalist, passed away on April 1, 2009.

What is the birth name of Peter Ustinov?

Peter Ustinov's birth name is Peter Alexander Freiherr von Ustinov.

When was Vitali Ustinov born?

Vitali Ustinov was born on 1991-05-03.

When was Vladimir Ustinov born?

Vladimir Ustinov was born on 1953-02-25.

When was Pyotr Ustinov born?

Pyotr Ustinov was born on 1987-02-08.

When was Ivan Ustinov born?

Ivan Ustinov was born on 1994-07-17.

When was Alexander Ustinov born?

Alexander Ustinov was born on 1976-12-07.

When was Maksim Ustinov born?

Maksim Ustinov was born on 1987-09-27.

When was Peter Ustinov born?

Peter Ustinov was born on April 16, 1921.

When was Tamara Ustinov born?

Tamara Ustinov was born on July 25, 1945, in London, England, UK.

What is Peter Ustinov's birthday?

Peter Ustinov was born on April 16, 1921.

When was Pavla Ustinov born?

Pavla Ustinov was born on June 2, 1954, in Santa Monica, California, USA.