When was Pingala born?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Pingala was born in -3##.

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Q: When was Pingala born?
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What actors and actresses appeared in Sati Pingala - 1928?

The cast of Sati Pingala - 1928 includes: Bhaurao Datar Gangubai Mohite

When did Pingala create binary?

300 BC

Who created the binary number system in the first place?

A man called Pingala from India.

Who dicover the Fibonacci Sequence?

This is generally attributed to Pingala, an Indian mathematician who lived in the 2nd - 4th century BCE. His work contained the basic ideas of Fibonacci numbers.

What are some of Fibonacci's contributions to math?

He discovered the Fibonacci Sequence (although long after an Indian named Pingala did), and he brought the current Arabic number system into popularity through his publication of "Liber Abbaci".

When was the binary system first created and by whom?

It appears to have been first used by the Indian scholar Pingala, some time between the 5th and 2nd centuries BCE. See link for more.

Name of German who discovered that numbers could be represented in binary?

His name was Pingala, and he was Indian, not German. He lived sometime between the 5th and 2nd century BCE. Germany didn't exist until around 1 to 9CE. You are probably thinking of Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz (July 1, 1646 - November 14, 1716) but he didn't discover binary. He developed the modern binary system while studying the Chinese I-Ching hexagrams, which are themselves intrinsically binary, and were developed around the same time as Pingala's binary.

What movie and television projects has Gangubai Mohite been in?

Gangubai Mohite has: Performed in "Draupadi Vastraharan" in 1927. Performed in "Rukamangada Mohini" in 1927. Performed in "Nala Damayanti" in 1927. Performed in "Daksha Yagna" in 1927. Performed in "Sati Pingala" in 1928.

Who discovered pascal's triangle and binomial expansion before pascal?

Pascal's triangle appeared in some work by the Indian mathematician Pingala in the 2nd Century BC. Although details of Pingala's work are lost, the idea was subsequently expanded upon by Halayudha in the tenth Century. At around the same time, it was discussed by the Persian mathematician, Al-Karaji. It was also known to the Chinese mathematician Jia Xian in the eleventh Century. It is quite possible that the underlying combinatorial mathematics was known to earlier mathematicians but in any case, it is abundantly clear that Pascal was too late by over 3.5 Centuries. It says something about the Eurocentric writers that it is called Pascal's triangle, doesn't it?

Who found zero?

It was ARYABHATTAR, an Indian mathematician. Ancient Egyptians and Mayans also understood the concepts of nothing and negativity, but the western world got the idea from Aryabhattar's writing.

What year did Fibonacci create the Fibonacci numbers?

The Fibonacci sequence was well known in ancient India, where it was applied to the metrical sciences (prosody), long before it was known in Europe. Developments have been attributed to Pingala (200 BC), Virahanka (6th century AD), Gopāla (c.1135 AD), and Hemachandra (c.1150 AD

What did the ancient Indian achievements that spread to other regions of the world?

One main Indian innovation that is used throughout the world is the number zero. Indian mathematicians were the first to recognise and use zero as a real number. About 500BCE Indian scholar Pingala used the sanskrit word śūnya to represent zero. In 498CE Aryabhata developed a ten digit decimal notation system that is the basis of our 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, system today.