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Peter Esenwein was born in 1967.

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Q: When was Peter Esenwein born?
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When was Joseph Berg Esenwein born?

Joseph Berg Esenwein was born in 1867.

When did Joseph Berg Esenwein die?

Joseph Berg Esenwein died in 1946.

What has the author Gregg A Esenwein written?

Gregg A Esenwein has written: 'Comparative tax burdens' -- subject(s): Tax incidence

What has the author Ingeborg Esenwein-Rothe written?

Ingeborg Esenwein-Rothe has written: 'Die Struktur des Bankwesens als Gegenstand wirtschaftsstatistischer Analyse' -- subject(s): Statistics, Banks and banking

What has the author George Richard Esenwein written?

George Richard Esenwein has written: 'The Spanish Civil War' -- subject(s): History, Sources, Spain Civil War, 1936-1939 'Spain at war' -- subject(s): History, Spain Civil War, 1936-1939

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