When was Pedro Paulet born?

Updated: 8/30/2023
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The peruvian engineer Pedro Paulet (1874-1945) invented the reactive engine with liquid fuel that was used in war rockets (V-2) by German army in World War II and later in Apollo 11 in 1969. In 1895, in France, while Jules Verne was alive, Paulet made his engine. In 1902, he designed a spaceship too. But Peruvian government didn't support him. Many years later, in 1923, Hermann Oberth wrote that Mankind could launch a spaceship if they had reactive engines with liquid fuel. Paulet published both inventions in 1927 and visited Germany in 1928, while the Opel Rak II, in which Fritz von Opel and Max Valier tried with solid fuel in race cars. That year Valier recognized superiority of Paulet's engine. They say Paulet refused to build war rockets for German army. What is true is that Valier had offered it to Hitler in 1929. The same year Valier got to build such kind of engine, the first in Germany. Testing it in his laboratory, it exploded and Valier died in 1930. But his assistants, Walter Riedel and Arthur Rudolph, joined to Wernher von Braun, who was hired to build the V-2 missiles. Rudolph improved Valier's engine. While, Paulet tried to convince Peruvian government to build his spaceship. He failed. He died in 1945. A few months later Von Braun and his team went as prisoners to the United States and in 1969 put Apollo 11 on the Moon.

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Pedro Paulet was born on 1874-07-02.

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Q: When was Pedro Paulet born?
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