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Patricia Rhomberg was born on September 15, 1953, in Vienna, Austria.

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Q: When was Patricia Rhomberg born?
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How tall is Patricia Rhomberg?

Patricia Rhomberg is 163 cm.

When was Kevin Rhomberg born?

Kevin Rhomberg was born in 1955.

When was Rudolf Rhomberg born?

Rudolf Rhomberg was born on February 1, 1920, in Dornbirn, Austria.

When and where was baseball player Kevin Rhomberg born?

Kevin Rhomberg was born November 22, 1955, in Dubuque, IA, USA.

Is patricia rhomberg is dead?

No. Patricia rhomberg is now a retired medical professional,living with husband and two children in Switzerland. Comment: Could you provide a source for this information, as there happens to be a namesake living in Zurich who is a fair-haired medical doctor who looks decades younger. Incidentally, there is also a lady named Patricia Rhomberg living in Vienna who seems a more likely candidate, as the actress is Austrian by birth, not to mention her marked accent.

What actors and actresses appeared in Schwarzer Orgasmus - 1970?

The cast of Schwarzer Orgasmus - 1970 includes: Patricia Rhomberg as Ricarda Norbert Schreier as Peter

When did Rudolf Rhomberg die?

Rudolf Rhomberg died on June 6, 1968, in Munich, Germany.

When was Patricia Horoho born?

Patricia Mock was born on April 11, 1931.

When was Patricia Brolsma born?

Patricia Brolsma was born in 1960.

When was Patricia Vaeth born?

Patricia Vaeth was born in 1926.

When was Patricia Craig born?

Patricia Craig was born in 1947.

When was Patricia Mercado born?

Patricia Mercado was born in 1957.