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No Silver Bullet was created in 1986.

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Q: When was No Silver Bullet created?
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When was Silver Bullet - Knott's Berry Farm - created?

Silver Bullet - Knott's Berry Farm - was created in 2004.

Where was silver bullet set it?

where was silver bullet set in

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What did the lone rangers leave behind?

A silver bullet.

When was Silver Bullet released?

Silver Bullet was released on 10/11/1985.

How do you say silver bullet in french?

Balle argentée is silver bullet in French.

What was the Production Budget for Silver Bullet?

The Production Budget for Silver Bullet was $7,000,000.

Is the movie Silver Bullet appropriate for kids?

"Silver Bullet" (1985) is rated 'R'.

In the horror genre what can be killed with a silver bullet?

The werewolf was said to be able to be killed with a silver bullet.

What is the value of a 1972 SkiDoo silver bullet tnt340 snowmobile?

the silver bullet was 1973 ,not 1972 !

How much money did Silver Bullet gross worldwide?

Silver Bullet grossed $10,803,211 worldwide.

Why kill someone with a silver bullet?

if they are virgins or werewolfs or vampires or Justin beiber then you have to kill them with a silver bullet