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Nizan Guanaes was born in 1958.

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Q: When was Nizan Guanaes born?
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When was Paul Nizan born?

Paul Nizan was born on February 7, 1905.

What is Paul Nizan's birthday?

Paul Nizan was born on February 7, 1905.

What is Le Nizan's population?

The population of Le Nizan is 417.

What is the population of Nizan-Gesse?

Nizan-Gesse's population is 90.

When did Paul Nizan die?

Paul Nizan died in 1940.

What is the area of Le Nizan?

The area of Le Nizan is 15.21 square kilometers.

What is the area of Nizan-Gesse?

The area of Nizan-Gesse is 8,640,000.0 square meters.

What has the author Paul Nizan written?

Paul Nizan has written: 'Aden, Arabie' 'Les materialistes de l'antiquite' 'Pour une nouvelle culture' 'Les chiens de garde'

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The cast of Sadounah - 1915 includes: Max Barbier Madame Bartet as Sadounah Charles Hey Elizabeth Nizan

What has the author Lotte Husung written?

Lotte Husung has written: 'Paul Nizan, der \\' -- subject(s): Biography, Communists, French Novelists, Friends and associates, Novelists, French

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