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Nike Fuhrmann was born in 1974.

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Q: When was Nike Fuhrmann born?
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When was Ernst Fuhrmann born?

Ernst Fuhrmann was born in 1918.

When was Manfred Fuhrmann born?

Manfred Fuhrmann was born in 1925.

How tall is Sam Fuhrer?

Sam Fuhrer is 6' 1".

When was Susan Fuhrmann born?

Susan Fuhrmann was born on 1986-07-30.

When was Irene Fuhrmann born?

Irene Fuhrmann was born on 1980-09-23.

When was Arne Fuhrmann born?

Arne Fuhrmann was born in 1943, in Berlin, Germany.

When was Louis P. Fuhrmann born?

Louis P. Fuhrmann was born on 1868-11-07.

When was Arthur Fuhrmann born?

Arthur Fuhrmann was born on March 11, 1930, in Hannover, Germany.

When was Romanus Fuhrmann born?

Romanus Fuhrmann was born on November 30, 1963, in Herne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

What is the birth name of Nick Fuhrmann?

Nick Fuhrmann's birth name is Nicholas Fuhrmann.

What is the birth name of Arthur Fuhrmann?

Arthur Fuhrmann's birth name is Arthur Heinrich Fuhrmann.

When did Ernst Fuhrmann die?

Ernst Fuhrmann died in 1995.