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Nesma Mahgoub was born in 1989.

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Q: When was Nesma Mahgoub born?
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When was Rifaat el-Mahgoub born?

Rifaat el-Mahgoub was born in 1926.

When was El Muez Mahgoub born?

El Muez Mahgoub was born in 1978.

When was Muhammad Ahmad Mahgoub born?

Muhammad Ahmad Mahgoub was born in 1908.

When was Nesma Airlines created?

Nesma Airlines was created in 2010.

When did Rifaat el-Mahgoub die?

Rifaat el-Mahgoub died in 1990.

When did Muhammad Ahmad Mahgoub die?

Muhammad Ahmad Mahgoub died in 1976.

What actors and actresses appeared in El Bernameg - 2011?

The cast of El Bernameg - 2011 includes: Dalia El Guindy as Reporter (2013) Nesma Mahgoub as Herself (2012) Amr Waked as Himself (2012) Asser Yassin as Himself (2012) Bassem Youssef as Himself - Host (2011-2013) Dorra Zarrouk as Herself (2012)

What actors and actresses appeared in Nesma - 2013?

The cast of Nesma - 2013 includes: Aure Atika as Claire Slimane Farid Elouardi as Youssef Slimane

What is the sanskrit meaning of name nesma?

breeze is the meaning in Islam

What has the author Youssef M Mahgoub written?

Youssef M. Mahgoub has written: 'Regional urban-rural differentials of the educational impact on fertility in Egypt' -- subject(s): Family Characteristics, Educational Status, Family Planning

Abbey National plc - Banking Application?

170-172.Queensway City:My:Acc:No:X12783553MAH,MR:Yasir Mahgoub-

When was Mohammad Hidayatullah born?

Mohammad Salamat was born on January 4, 1976, in Mumbai, Maharahstra, India.