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Nephila jurassica was created in 2011.

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Q: When was Nephila jurassica created?
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When was Nephila komaci created?

Nephila komaci was created in 2009.

When was Nephila clavipes created?

Nephila clavipes was created in 1767.

When was Nephila edulis created?

Nephila edulis was created in 1799.

When was Nephila inaurata created?

Nephila inaurata was created in 1842.

When was Nephila pilipes created?

Nephila pilipes was created in 1793.

When was Nephila senegalensis created?

Nephila senegalensis was created in 1842.

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The cast of Jurassica - 2013 includes: Phebe Starr as herself

When was the era of Jurassica?

I am asking for the same question but can't find it well dont type it up!!

What is the Scientific name of the golden orb spider?

Nephila clavipes

What planet and what star was NIFLHEIM?

Orion, in Aramaic Orion was called Niyphelah and in Aram Nephila.

Are Giant Spiders Real?

Camel Spiders are real, but they're not spiders. They're solifugids, another type of arachnid. They get quite large, but not as big as they apparently look in many email forwards, which are optical illusions caused by holding them close to the camera. As for the biggest spider, it depends on what you include. If you only count "true" spiders, the tarantula (a mygalomorph) does not count. It would likely be something from the nephila or argiope groups of spiders. (I believe in North America, the largest is either Argiope aurantia or Nephila clavipes, common spiders)

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Some big species of spiders, especially of family Theraphosidae but also others like genus Nephila (of family Nephilidae), are said to eat birds.