When was Misko Iho born?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Misko Iho was born in 1975.

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Q: When was Misko Iho born?
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When was John Misko born?

John Misko was born on 1954-10-01.

When was Igor Misko born?

Igor Misko was born on 1986-07-24.

When was Misko Plavi born?

Misko Plavi was born in Guca, in Serbia, Yugoslavia.

When was Ernest Misko born?

Ernest Misko was born on April 29, 1936.

When was Misko Kranjec born?

Misko Kranjec was born on September 15, 1908, in Velika Polana, Slovenia.

When was Arvo Iho born?

Arvo Iho was born on June 21, 1949, in Rakvere, Soviet Union [now Estonia].

What is the birth name of Misko Plavi?

Misko Plavi's birth name is Misko Petrovic.

Reconized as an ocean in 2000 by the IHO?

reconized as an ocean in 2000 by the iho

When did Igor Misko die?

Igor Misko died on 2010-07-06.

When did Misko Kranjec die?

Misko Kranjec died on June 8, 1983, in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

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The cast of I iho tou hronou - 2011 includes: Ross Daly as himself