When was Meike Harten born?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Meike Harten was born on May 9, 1962, in Hamburg, Germany.

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Q: When was Meike Harten born?
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How tall is Meike Harten?

Meike Harten is 172 cm.

When was Ami Harten born?

Ami Harten was born in 1947.

What movie and television projects has Meike Harten been in?

Meike Harten has: Performed in "Tatort" in 1969. Played herself in "Hamburg Journal" in 1985. Played Frau Steenbeck in "Doppelter Einsatz" in 1994. Performed in "Schlag 12" in 1996. Played Daniela Meier in "Die Rettungsflieger" in 1997. Played Ute Pfingst in "Morden im Norden" in 2012.

When was Meike Babel born?

Meike Babel was born in 1974.

When was Meike Kröger born?

Meike Kröger was born in 1986.

When was Meike Evers born?

Meike Evers was born in 1977.

When was Meike Freitag born?

Meike Freitag was born on 1979-02-07.

When was Meike Hurts born?

Meike Hurts was born on April 9, 1981.

When was Meike de Nooy born?

Meike de Nooy was born in 1983.

When was Mitsuru Meike born?

Mitsuru Meike was born on May 11, 1969, in Kanagawa, Japan.

When was Meike Gottschalk born?

Meike Gottschalk was born on November 2, 1970, in Hamburg, Germany.

When was Meike Droste born?

Meike Droste was born on February 5, 1980, in Bobingen, Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany.