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Mariwan Kanie was born in 1966.

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Q: When was Mariwan Kanie born?
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What has the author Mariwan Kanie written?

Mariwan Kanie is a Kurdish author and journalist. He has written several books, including "The Book of Ali," "Rabbouni," and "The Waiter of Damascus." His works often focus on themes related to Kurdish culture, politics, and society.

When was Mariwan Halabjaee born?

Mariwan Halabjaee was born on 1963-08-01.

When was Keizō Kanie born?

Keizō Kanie was born on 1944-10-28.

When was Eiji Kanie born?

Eiji Kanie was born on November 21, 1941, in Tokyo, Japan.

When did Siege of Kanie happen?

Siege of Kanie happened in 1584.

What is the population of Kanie Iławeckie?

Kanie Iławeckie's population is 70.

When did Eiji Kanie die?

Eiji Kanie died on October 13, 1985.

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A blakc chick who wrote a Africa poem

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Eiji Kanie has: Performed in "Waga seishun no Arcadia" in 1982. Played Ramenman in "Kinnikuman: Ubawareta champion belt" in 1984. Played Devil Rebirth in "Hokuto no Ken" in 1984. Played Madara in "Hokuto no Ken" in 1984. Played Zeed in "Hokuto no Ken" in 1984. Played Katori Kensuke in "Video senshi Laserion" in 1984.