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Mariposa Traicionera was created on 2003-04-05.

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Q: When was Mariposa Traicionera created?
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What does mariposa traicionera mana mean in English?

Mariposa Traicionera means dangerous butterfly and is a song by Mana. It is about a guy who is in love with a girl who cheats frequently and leaves him.

When was Traicionera created?

Traicionera was created in 2008.

Where can one purchase the song 'Mana Mariposa'?

The song "Mariposa Traicionera" may be purchased from websites such as Amazon. It may also be purchased from the iTunes application on a desktop, laptop, or other mobile device.

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The address of the Mariposa Library is: 4978 10Th Street, Mariposa, 95338 0106