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Marian Finucane was born in 1950.

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Q: When was Marian Finucane born?
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When was The Marian Finucane Show created?

The Marian Finucane Show was created in 1999.

What is the duration of The Marian Finucane Show?

The duration of The Marian Finucane Show is 2 hours.

When was Michael Finucane born?

Michael Finucane was born in 1943.

When was Al Finucane born?

Al Finucane was born on 1943-01-08.

When was Paddy Finucane born?

Paddy Finucane was born on 1920-10-16.

When was Aengus Finucane born?

Aengus Finucane was born on 1932-04-26.

When was Pat Finucane - solicitor - born?

Pat Finucane - solicitor - was born in 1949.

When was Patrick Finucane - Irish politician - born?

Patrick Finucane - Irish politician - was born in 1890.

What does finucane mean in English?


When did Pat Finucane - solicitor - die?

Pat Finucane - solicitor - died in 1989.

What nicknames does Thomas Finucane go by?

Thomas Finucane goes by Tom Gregory.

When did Aengus Finucane die?

Aengus Finucane died on 2009-10-06.