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Lourd De Veyra's birth name is Lourd Ernest Hanopol de Veyra.

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Lourd de Veyra was born on 1975-02-11.

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Q: When was Lourd de Veyra born?
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When was Jaime C. de Veyra born?

Jaime C. de Veyra was born in 1873.

What movie and television projects has Lourd De Veyra been in?

Lourd De Veyra has: Played Taga Timog in "Ebolusyon ng isang pamilyang Pilipino" in 2004. Played Drinker in "Pepot Artista" in 2005. Played Narrator in "Rakista" in 2008. Performed in "Cameroon Love Letter (For Solo Piano)" in 2010. Played Himself - Host in "Wasak" in 2011. Played Himself - Host in "Bayani: Isang imbestigasyon sa pagkatao at pakikibaka ni Dr. Jose Rizal" in 2011. Played Himself - Host in "History" in 2013.

When did Jaime C. de Veyra die?

Jaime C. de Veyra died on 1963-03-07.

When was Bryan Lourd born?

Bryan Lourd was born on November 5, 1960, in New Iberia, Louisiana, USA.

What actors and actresses appeared in Rakista - 2008?

The cast of Rakista - 2008 includes: Carlo Aquino as Caloy Eugenio Wincy Aquino Ong as Sven de Leon Lourd De Veyra as Narrator Alcris Galura as Nix Domingo Bea Garcia as RJ Masaya Jenny Jamora as Gina Catacutan Denise Laurel as CC Reyes Rea Nakpil as Bebe Go Belmonte Cruz

What is the birth name of Bryan Lourd?

Bryan Lourd's birth name is Bryan William Lourd.

When was Street Lourd created?

Street Lourd was created on 2010-07-12.

What is the birth name of JoAnn Cabalda Banaga?

JoAnn Cabalda Banaga's birth name is Josefina Annabel de Veyra Cabalda.

What has the author Lourd Ernest de Veyra written?

Lourd Ernest de Veyra is a Filipino author known for his works in journalism, poetry, and non-fiction. He has written several books, including "Insectissimo" and "Super Panalo Sounds!" as well as numerous essays and articles in Philippine media outlets.

Can you ive me email addresses for Ari Emanuel and Bryan Lourd?

email address for Bryan Lourd

What actors and actresses appeared in Haunted House - 1985?

The cast of Haunted House - 1985 includes: Janice de Belen Yani De Veyra William Martinez Lito Pastrana

Who is billie lourd named for?

billie lourd is named after billie holiday, billie jean king and billy Burke