When was Louis Rodier born?

Updated: 8/31/2023
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15 April 1833 in St Hyacinth P.Q. He died 18 Nov 1893 oof Bright's Disease and was originally buried in Chicopee Cemetery but got moved by his son and is now buried in oak grove cemetery in Springfiled MA USA

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Yes, he was.

I am a decedent of Louis C Rodier (sometimes mistaken as Louis G Rodier). Louis is my 3rd great grandfather. He was born in St Hyacinth P.Q. and attended St Hyacinth college. Therefore YES Louis is Canadian but became a US Citizen including fighting in the civil war, company a 46th mass Inf. also he has 38 patents under his belt for many different things not just the wood plane. He also invented the washing machine, improved on many inventions such as the shell extractor for Smith and Wesson revolver, a steam radiator, steam pump, magazine gun, safety valves, and lathes. his most recent invention, just 5 months before his death from brights disease, was a steam engine.

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Louis Rousselet was born in 1845.

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Q: When was Louis Rodier born?
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