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Llena de dulzura was created in 1981.

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Q: When was Llena de dulzura created?
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When was Llena de amor created?

Llena de amor was created on 2010-05-03.

When was La Dulzura created?

La Dulzura was created in 2010.

What is the duration of Llena de amor?

The duration of Llena de amor is -2700.0 seconds.

When did Llena de amor end?

Llena de amor ended on 2011-02-13.

When was Luna Llena created?

Luna Llena was created on 2007-09-21.

What actors and actresses appeared in Llena de amor - 1980?

The cast of Llena de amor - 1980 includes: Patricia Castell Mariana Karr Cunny Vera

Who is Brandon in Llena de amor?

armando araiza

Who is marianela from llena de amor?

Ariadne Diaz

What does la dulzura de buena noche mean?

It means, "...the sweetness of [a] good night..."

Who plays marianella from llena de amor?

ariadne diaz

What are the release dates for Dulzura - 2010?

Dulzura - 2010 was released on: USA: May 2010

Where can you see Llena de amor?

Univision number 14 in the state of Virginia