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Latro of Laon was born in 499.

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Q: When was Latro of Laon born?
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When did Latro of Laon die?

Latro of Laon died in 570.

What is the birth name of Laon Camps?

Laon Camps's birth name is Laon Gordon Camps.

Where was Marquette was born?

Jacques Marquette was born June 10, 1637, at Laon, France.

When was Olivier Bruaux born?

Olivier Bruaux was born on June 28, 1974, in Laon, France.

When did Bertrada of Laon die?

Bertrada of Laon died in 783.

How tall is Laon Camps?

Laon Camps is 6' 2".

What is Saint-Laon's population?

Saint-Laon's population is 129.

When was US Laon created?

US Laon was created in 1947.

When did Hincmar of Laon die?

Hincmar of Laon died in 879.

What is the population of Laon?

Laon's population is 26,175.

Meaning of laon laan?

Laon laan means 'given to the old'.

What is Aulnois-sous-Laon's population?

The population of Aulnois-sous-Laon is 1,301.