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5th April 1991

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Kinshuk Mahajan was born on 1986-04-17.

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Q: When was Kinshuk Mahajan born?
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How old is kinshuk mahajan?

he is 22 years old...born on 17th April 1986

How tall is kinshuk mahajan?

5 ft 8

How you want kinshuk mahajan your dream girl will be?

He's not my type...

Who is kinshuk mahajan married to?

sara khan - the girl who played sadhna

Does kinshuk mahajan have a real life girlfriend?

yes he does i don't know hu but if you look at the like all you need to know about kinshuk then he mentions his girlfriend i know :( boohoo lol

Does sara khan like kinshuk?

Yes she's only using ali merchant you no cuz she's planing to devoice him she loves kinshuk mahajan so she's gay

When was Harsh Mahajan born?

Harsh Mahajan was born in 1955.

When was Sat Mahajan born?

Sat Mahajan was born on July 27, 1927.

When was Yadav Shivram Mahajan born?

Yadav Shivram Mahajan was born in 1922.

When was Mehr Chand Mahajan born?

Mehr Chand Mahajan was born in 1889.